Thankful and Blessed

I love to attend charismatic prayer meetings during my college days.  I have two favorite parts, one is the praise and worship where I can feel God through spirit-filled and inspiring songs which help me release all negative emotions and accept healing. Two, group sharing where life testimonies and works of God are revealed.

There came a time when I feel so spiritually drained and tired because everything in my life falls apart. From a family divided with pride and principles, to a best friend who betrayed your trust, my mom was diagnosed with Anemia, to some people who consistently have interest in putting you down,  to all rejections, and to all misfortunes in my life. I had only one day in a week to let God know and ask for guidance and healing. That is during our Thursday prayer meeting.


This year, my faith and commitment was put into test. I had sleepless nights and days, I feel empty and thinking for a lot of things.  I lost a lot of love ones in my life, some are taken by pride, wrong choice of decision, different principles in life and some by death.  I don’t have a spiritual community or ministry now and no prayer meetings to attend, where I can share my burdens, where I can listen to testimonies on how God works on other people’s life that will inspire me and uplift me. But I’m blessed and thankful to have supportive and prayerful family and friends that is always there for me.

And above all, I’m thankful to have GOD who never give up on me when I almost lost faith in HIM.

God Bless Everyone!!!


One Lovely Blog and Kreativ Blogger Award

I feel honored and blessed to be nominated for these two amazing awards.  The One Lovely Blog Award and the Kreativ Blogger Award. Blogs is Christ centered, encouraging, uplifting, and presented very creatively.


For this award, I am required to share 7 things about myself. After sharing my information, I will then nominate 6 or more bloggers which, I feel, radiates the very essence of this award.

Seven things about me…

1. Philosophical & sensitive by nature.

2. I can’t sleep without a blanket.

3. I love to laugh & make people laugh.

4.  I can’t live without dogs.

4. I can postpone my sleep for 3 reasons: an inspiring movie, a cup of ice cream and a bunch of chocolate.

5. I wrote and deliver our Class Prophecy in High School during our JS Prom.

6.  Dancing is my first love and I offered it to God and for God’s greater glory.

7.  I have more than 20 nicknames and alias  (read About above).

The following extraordinary bloggers I would like to nominate for the One Lovely Blog Award and  Kreativ Blogger Award…










I’m thankful to you… my blog readers and to the 2,543 blog subscribers… who come back and read my ups and downs of life, and leave me thoughtful and inspiring comments, or don’t and just choose to read and be anonymous. So thank you for reading and may God Bless us ALL!!!